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Data-driven design

Our true north is your growth

We're a growth-hacking agency that helps start-ups and well-established companies to achieve the one thing that really counts: rapid and continuous growth.

Holygrow starts project
% Growth in 12 months

Commerce Design

Boosting your sales

From minor optimisations to a complete redesign of your omnichannel commerce experience: we can deliver.

With tons of design experiments running every day on big and medium-sized commerce platforms, we have a deep understanding of your challenges. And the solutions.

We are skilled at leveraging data to generate insights, and turning those insights into experiments that result in designs for mobile and desktop which maximize Conversion Rates, Average Order Values and Add to Cart Rates.

8% clicks

Inbound Marketing Design

From visits to business

With our experiment-driven design approach our team can deliver on unlocking growth of your inbound marketing activities. We’ll help you design and continuously optimize your landing pages, your automated marketing flows, calls-to-action and content.

We use data to maximize your results, increasing the number of highly relevant ready-to-buy prospects while minimizing the cost per customer.

24% OR / 9% CR


Attracting customers, attracting business

Whether you need new campaign flows to be built, a whole new and effective e-mail campaign or someone to run and optimize your recurring campaigns: we can deliver.

We predict behaviour patterns. Consequently, your dialogues with (potential) customers will become more personalized and relevant, adding value for the customer.

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What does our growth-hacking team do?

Our growth-hacking team applies a methodical approach to boosting your growth. In four continuous steps we combine A/B testing, data analytics, content creation and user experience design. We analyse your users’ and customers’ behaviour and create or adapt designs accordingly to build enhancements, increase conversion rates and deliver ROI.

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